Saturday, May 15, 2010

Toothbrush Meditation

Clean Your Teeth, Clean Your Soul

The morning rush is filled with various mundane activities, like brushing and flossing your teeth, which is hurried through to get to the days important stuff. And some days, forget it, there just isn’t enough time to floss! It’s either fuss with the plaque (and such) that nobody is noticing or be late for work, which everybody will be noticing.
Performing for the outside world too often wins attention over acting on behalf of the self. So how do you make brushing and flossing your teeth the important stuff?

First, let’s think about what is happening when you brush and floss.
You are cleaning off what has been left behind. You have taken what you want, what you have left is what you don’t want. If unwanted entities stay attached to you they begin to rule you. So brushing and flossing are ways that you take control over what is permitted to influence your life.

Imagine brushing and flossing your teeth as a deliberate action that frees the unwanted influences attached to you. The emotions, relations, reactions and actions you have experienced that diminish who you want to be could be referred to as entity influences.

You can clean away these entities by redirecting your mental outlook. Using the time you spend cleaning the left over, unwanted debris from your body (mouth in this case) as a time to clean the left over, unwanted debris from your mind increases the effects of both efforts. You are actively changing how the world influences you by changing yourself.

When brushing and flossing your teeth, visualize who you want to be. Feel what qualities you need to be that person. Allow your attitudes toward entity influences to change as you expand your definition of Self. What was once an influence that you were at the effect of can now be seen through compassion, patience, forgiveness and poise.

Using the mind-body connection to bring a deliberate focus into your consciousness is the art of living.


  1. interesting post. I know there is a body mind connection b/c when I'm pushing my body running or cycling...I feel great.


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