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Recovering Bulimic, Fasting

To individual with a history of bulimia, you should think twice about fasting even for religious resons.  The mind can be very strong and fasting may get you started again.  No religion wants you dead just to observe a fast.

How to Establish Eating Habits When Recovering From Bulimia
Bulimia creates a vicious cycle involving eating large amounts of food at one time (called binging) and then getting rid of the food (called purging, when food is regurgitated). When an individual regurgitates (vomits), a false sense of increased hunger is created by the body because the body recognizes the need for nutrition. In response to the increased feelings of hunger, the bulimic individual eats more food in the cycle. Breaking the cycle of binging and purging will take concerted efforts to establish new eating habits for those recovering from bulimia.

Establish Eating Habits When Recovering From Bulimia

Step 1  Create a full-exposure eating diary to keep track of when, where and what you eat every day. Write details down right after meals to make sure nothing is left out of the diary.

Step 2  Write out thoughts and feelings associated with each meal in the diary.

Step 3  Make special note of all bad eating habits, even those habits thought as bad. Be sure to include excesses in junk food, candy, fasting and purging.

Step 4  Review the notes in the diary after 1 week of taking notes. Look for any tendencies and habits displayed during the week.

Step 5  Choose one area to focus on changing for the next week that can be done without too much difficulty. You are looking for an easy win in the next week to establish some momentum. Try substituting a candy bar with an orange or apple or other healthy snack.

Step 6   Write the new habit on each page of the diary dedicated to the next week to remind yourself of the goal.

Step 7  Continue writing everything down in the journal for the second week and make special note of when you successfully meet the new goal of using a good eating habit.

Step 8   Review the second week of eating and look for trends as you did with the first week's notes. Congratulate yourself on reaching the goal established after the first week.

Step 9   Set a new goal for the third week and continue the process of changing one habit at a time until new and healthier eating habits develop.

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