Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Nutritional Program for Fasting

Conditions for which Fasting May Be Beneficial
colds                                     atherosclerosis
flus                                        coronary artery disease
bronchitis                              angina pectoris
headaches                             hypertension
constipation                          diabetes
indigestion                             fever
diarrhea                                 fatigue
food allergies                         back pains
environmental allergies           mental illness
asthma                                  obesity
insomnia                                cancer
skin conditions                       epilepsy
Some Benefits of Fasting
Purification                            More energy
Rejuvenation                         Better sleep
Revitalization                         More relaxation
Rest for digestive organs        Better attitude
Clearer skin                           More clarity, mentally
Antiaging effects                    and emotionally
Improved senses—vision,      Inspiration
hearing, taste                         Creativity
Reduction of allergies             New ideas
Weight loss                           Clearer planning
Drug detoxification                Change of habits
Better resistance to disease    Diet changes
Spiritual awareness                Right use of will
Contraindications for Fasting
Underweight                          Pregnancy
Fatigue                                  Nursing
Alkaline type                         Pre- and postsurgery
Low immunity                        Mental illness
Weak heart                           Cancer
Low blood pressure               Peptic ulcers
Cardiac arrhythmias               Nutritional deficiencies
Cold weather

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