Saturday, August 15, 2009

When Trouble Comes and Things Go Wrong

Let us go quietly to God
when troubles come to us,
Let us never stop to whimper
or complain and fret and fuss,
Let us hide "our thorns" in "roses"
and our sighs in "golden song"
And "our crosses" in a "crown of smiles"
whenever things go wrong...
For no one can really help us
as our troubles we bemoan,
For comfort, help, and inner peace
must come from God alone...
So do not tell your neighbor,
your companion or your friend
In the hope that they can help you
bring your troubles to an end...
For they, too, have their problems,
they are burdened just like you,
So take your cross to Jesus
and He will see you through...
And waste no time in crying
on the shoulder of a friend
But go directly to the Lord
for on Him you can depend...
For there's absolutely nothing
that His mighty hand can't do
And He never is too busy
to help and comfort you.


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