Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 18~A Psalms In My Heart

O Thou Most High
Most High. The original means high, exalted, and the translators understood the poet used it in reference to God in contrast to his foes. Other names and appellations bear out His Highness:

God of Heaven.  Universal God.
Holy God.  Pure. Guileless.
God of Israel.  Israel's God.
Living God.  Alive. Deathless.
Merciful God.  Kind. Good.
God of All Comfort.  Counselor.
Eternal God.  Timeless
Just God.  Fair. Upright.
Shepherd.  Provider. Protector.

Hallowed be His name. Speak it with awe. Indeed, we need a personal relationship with Him but not a common and flippant one. For He is the Most High.

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