Saturday, September 26, 2009

Have a Bless Saturday

Do you walk through the valley of shadows, my friend?
Do you suffer depression and pain?
Do you think God forgets you and leaves you alone
To bear your own burden and shame?
Well, I walk the same road you're going and yes, At times I can't see light for the grey. I'd stumble and fall if it were not for Jesus
Who knows every step of my way.
He puts me in shadows so I cannot find
The Pathway by my sight alone.
Through faith He has saved me; through faith He now guides me;
Yet not on my strength, but His own!
He moves in strange ways, that I would not choose,
Through darkness and gloom and despair.
No matter how hopeless, believe on Him, friend, For Jesus is always there.
Tim Harvey
Have a bless Saturday. Pet

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  1. This was an encouraging poem. Keep up the good work G.



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